Nada Farhat is a strong advocate of art education. She believes that effective and long term learnings must always be complemented with a creative element. Whether it is through painting, photography, sculpture, writing, music or dance, creative expression helps to imprint knowledge of other subjects as science and math more effectively in minds and memories.

As an effort to create dialogue through the medium of art, Farhat invests time in teaching art to all ages, boys and girls, to professionals and those willing to learn the valuable skill of art, a skill she learned through self development. The curricula of her various workshops focuses on enhancing artistic skill using techniques and methodology practiced in her own work. Her lectures liberate discussions on Middle Eastern Art, Contemporary Art in Saudi Arabia and various art movements and collections she personally observed through her various travels and collaborations with other artists from around the globe.

In 2008, Farhat traveled to Baja Mexico to teach local Mexican students about her art and personal experiences as a Middle Eastern women helping to defy stereotypes. The cross-cultural experience liberated interesting conversations and touched on topics as the Arabic language, the Middle Eastern culture, the Islamic religion and the ever talked about mystery of women behind the vail.

Nada supports various foundations and organizations by donating artwork used for charitable profit. Charities as the Lupus Foundation and the Susan G. Komen for the Cure in the United States and Sanad Children's Cancer Support Society in Saudi Arabia are some of the foundations Nada supports. In essence of he medical background, Nada believes that art is the gift that keeps on giving and hopes that her work can help raise funds to support various disabilities and diseases.

Nada teaches workshops and delivers speeches upon request.

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