NadaFarhatBorn in Saudi Arabia in 1978, I moved to the United States at the age of 3. Growing up in the southwestern part of the United States, a region abundant with heritage and culture, combined with the extensive traveling my family and I enjoyed during our stay in the United States all helped to build my self-confidence and encouraged self-expression. This created a palate of memories that painted the beginnings of my life.

My most current work represents the latest in a development of paintings that was started after moving back to my native country, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1994. Viewing my native country from the eyes of a foreigner, I was fascinated with the rich culture and many crafts that dispersed various regions of the kingdom. However, I was most fascinated by the things that had been neglected leading me to gravitate towards discarded material such as old carpets and carved doors. Using patterns from the Middle Eastern culture and juxtaposing them with the imprinted memories and color palate of my youth established the essence of my art career.

After realizing that I had moved to a culture that hinders self-expression, art inevitably became my method of non-verbal communication. I had entered the school of medicine and quickly created a remedy of art and healing that had helped me through medical school. The hybrid between medicine and art led to another phase of development in my work. The use of color became of vital importance as my awareness of therapy progressed. I began to experiment with materials as plaster of Paris, a material used in the making of orthopedic fracture casts, on canvas to create texture while focusing on a minimalistic approach to color and shape when painting images of carpets.

My work emerges from four tributaries, fusion, minimalism, delirium and repose. Each work represents a different aesthetic from the clean, minimalistic lines to the mingling, sinuous lines of Arabic calligraphy, all representing facades of Arabian dwellings, carpets, minarets and domes. My ample inspiration is from my rustic Arabian surroundings altering them in subtle ways yet respecting the roots of the design. Using mixed media, the layering of paint admixed with threads; copper, gold and silver leaf is recognized in most of the work on either hand made paper or paper of various thicknesses. Subtle architectural strategies are used as object/void relationships and perspectives depicted from my passion for architectural spaces. By painting or printmaking images of carpets, Islamic patterns and communicating with the figure of text, I want my work to be reminiscent of iconography of my deep Arabian roots that in our present day is viewed shamefully.

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